Let's Develop! 
A Guide to Continuous Personal Growth 

by Fred Newman with Phyllis Goldberg

Fred Newman gives practical help for transforming our lives. Rather than insights, explanations or getting to the "bottom" of deep-rooted emotional problems, Newman urges his readers to seek their cure in development. Based on decades of clinical practice and his discovery that people can reinitiate development at any stage in life, Let's Develop! includes exercises to assist readers in creating their own lives. (All Stars Project, 2010)

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Vygotsky at Work and Play 

by Lois Holzman

“In this work, Holzman reflects on her many endeavors over recent decades — her work in therapeutic settings, in schools, in after-school programs, in performance programs for adolescents, in organizations, and more. She locates the ways in which these endeavors build upon each other, the implicit and pervasive values they exhibit, and the growth in her own theoretical views over the years. In many respects her concern in this book is with human development, and in its exposition it brilliantly demonstrates just such development in action.” — Kenneth Gergen, Swarthmore College

Vygotsky at Work and Play relates the discoveries and insights of Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky to ordinary people and their communities. The author - working with her intellectual partner Fred Newman - has advanced a unique performance-based methodology of development and learning that draws upon a fresh and in some ways unconventional reading of Vygotsky. In this book, Holzman shows this methodology at work in key learning environments: psychotherapy, classrooms, out-of-school youth programs, and the workplace. (Routledge, 2008)

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Psychological Investigations: 
A Clinician’s Guide to Social Therapy

Edited by Lois Holzman and Rafael Mendez

“This collection is truly a gift… Newman performs what makes social therapy a distinct group therapy and what makes it radical. [He] provokes, stimulates, and compels us to rethink our theories and practices and keep them abreast of the global changes…” 
— Harlene Anderson, Houston Galveston Institute

The first comprehensive treatment of social therapeutic practice, Psychological Investigations moves social therapy to the foreground as a qualitative new way of doing therapy. Featuring over 70 dialogues between Fred Newman — the creator of social therapeutic group process — and therapists-in-training, this book explores the nature of the social therapeutic group process, the social therapeutic relationship, and applications to health care, alternative medicine, education and youth development. (Brunner-Routledge, 2003)

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Performance of a Lifetime: 
A Practical-Philosophical Guide to the Joyous Life 

by Fred Newman with Phyllis Goldberg

In the sequel to Let's Develop!, Fred Newman shows the way to living joyously through philosophizing. He teaches non-philosophers how to engage in the activity of philosophizing — what he calls asking big questions about little things. Through practical example, Performance of a Lifetime shows how appreciating the banal and the magic of everyday life can be a profoundly joyous experience. (Castillo International, 1996)

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Against and For CBT 

Edited by Richard House and Del Lowenthal 

Against and For CBT offers a wide range of critical perspectives on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and substantial responses to them. It represents the first attempt to engage in print with the controversies and complexities that have exercised — sometimes painfully — the therapy and counseling world, since CBT has risen to cultural prominence. Against and For CBT will be essential reading for psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and counsellors of each and every approach who are concerned with understanding the phenomenon that is CBT and its discontents. See especially Fred Newman's contribution: “Where is the Magic in Cognitive Therapy? A philo/psychological investigation.” (PCCS Books, 2008)