April 11 – May 13: Introducing Social Therapeutics, a five-week online seminar

Introducing Social Therapeutics: A Performatory Approach to Human Development and Learning
A five-week online conversation with Lois Holzman

Why should building groups help people suffering from emotional pain? Why should performing on stage help young people develop? Why should pointless conversation develop all of us into better learners? And why should people of all ages and places play more, no matter how busy or difficult life is? These practical questions stem from the success of social therapeutics as a methodology for human social-emotional-intellectual-cultural development in diverse settings. 

For 25 years Lois Holzman, director of the East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy, has been studying and writing about social therapy, developing its applications outside of the therapy office and, with social therapy's creator Fred Newman, articulating a metapsychological critique of mainstream psychology and education. In this introductory course, you will learn this critique practically, by exploring the social therapeutic approach at work in key human environments: psychotherapy, classrooms, out-of-school youth programs, and the workplace.

April 11 – May 13 
(Online conversation is asynchronous — participants are in different time zones, and read/post messages according to their own schedule.)
$85.00 • Click here to register or contact Melissa Meyer at, 212.941.8906, ext 304.

May 6: Ending America's Education Crisis

The Community Education Series, hosted by Rafael Mendez, Ph.D., welcomes Carrie Lobman, Ed.D., and Bonny Gildin, Ph.D.

If we all pretended that kids who are failing in school were school achievers heading for college, would the education crisis in America be over? WE THINK SO!

The most creative and innovative education leaders in the country know that developmental experiences put kids on the road to becoming good learners. Classroom learning can't substitute for development, and kids who come to school without these rich experiences don't learn what schools are teaching. Here's where pretending comes in. Thirty years ago, Drs. Lenora Fulani and Fred Newman founded supplemental after-school development programs to give poor inner-city kids opportunities to pretend their way to growth, and become who and what they're pretending to be. The continued success of this approach prompted them to write "Let's Pretend: Solving the Education Crisis in America." Their two colleagues, Carrie Lobman and Bonny Gildin will share with you what Fulani and Newman have to say, why it's so controversial, and how it can help transform our children's lives.

Bonny Gildin, Ph.D. is vice president for education initiatives and senior development officer of the All Stars Project, Inc. Dr. Gildin is currently working to extend the reach of the All Stars' innovative developmental after-school model by training the next generation of youth workers and non-profit leaders through university partnerships and the establishment of an Institute for the Study of Play in Newark, NJ.

Carrie Lobman, Ed.D. is an associate professor at the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education and director of pedagogy at the East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy. As a leading researcher on play, performance and learning, Dr. Lobman works with educators in the US and internationally in schools and with professional associations including the American Educational Research Association, The Association for the Study of Play and the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research. She is co-author of Unscripted Learning: Using Improvisation Across the K-8 Curriculum.

Friday, May 6, 6:30 – 8:30 pm 
106 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn (C train to Lafayette Ave. or any train to Atlantic Ave.)
Suggested Donation: $10
Seating is on a first come/first served basis. RSVP to Rafael Mendez —

May 12 - 15: Social Therapy as Clinical Practice

Intensive training weekends are an effective way to learn this powerful approach to group therapy. Each four-day training will focus on a specific aspect of social therapeutic method introduced experientially through diverse learning activities: social therapeutic role-plays, observations of therapy groups, reflection sessions with social therapists, group supervisions, and seminars linking theory and practice. Customized extensions can be developed for those with the flexibility to continue their training immediately following these intensives. For more information contact Christine LaCerva.

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May 13: Social Therapy Group Open House, Manhattan

Meet and talk with Christine LaCerva, Director of the Social Therapy Group.

See a social therapy group in action. See the video How Do You Feel About Being in a Therapy That’s Not About You? Attending this open house is your opportunity to get your questions answered. If you are new to Social Therapy, come and meet our vibrant community. If you are in Social Therapy, come and introduce a friend, colleague or family member. If you are in the field of psychology or education come and see what we have to offer.

Friday, May 13, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
920 Broadway, 14th Floor (between 20th and 21st Streets)
For more information contact Ryan Freeman at 212-941-8844 ext. 328 or

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Convenient New York City locations in Manhattan and Fort Greene, Brooklyn. 

Adults, Children, Families

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