Fred Newman: 1935 - 2011

It saddens me to share that Fred Newman, the founder of social therapy, passed away on July 3 after a lengthy illness. As many of you know, Dr. Newman was my mentor and teacher, and for over 30 years he taught me and all of our dedicated social therapists how to practice a radically humanistic, non-adaptive, performatory approach to helping people in emotional pain. He worked his whole life in recognition that mental illness has everything to do with the material conditions of people's lives. Fred understood that human development is key to helping people in emotional distress, and that development cannot happen in the absence of changing the world. He believed that the power of diverse groups of people coming together to create the conditions for their growth and development was key to making the world a better place. First and foremost, he was a passionate advocate for emotional development for all people. At the Social Therapy Group we continue his legacy of community therapy --- helping people of all ages and all walks of life to create new ways of living together. Here is a link to Fred's obituary placed in the New York Times by the All Stars Project, which Fred also co-founded.

Christine LaCerva